A Boat Bill of Sale

A Boat Bill of Sale Importance

You’ve got a boat. You enjoy your boat; take it out with your family and friends. You put it away in the winter, and look forward to when you can take it back out in the spring and summer to enjoy again. You might ask: “why do I need a boat bill of sale?” There are actually multiple reasons you would want one. Getting one, though, can be a time consuming and difficult process. That’s why here at Vessel Documentation Online; we make the difficult process easier.

Why a Boat Bill of Sale?

A boat bill of sale is important if you plan on selling your boat. It’s also important if you ever plan on transferring your boat to someone else. In fact, if you ever think either of those actions is something that you might do, it’s good to get one of these for your boat. At the end of the day, it tells people that the sales transaction took place, and that boat’s ownership transferred. It covers the legality of all that so that there’s no questions whatsoever.

A Boat Bill of Sale

Important Vessel Documentation

Yes, you should have a bill like this if you ever sell your boat. However, you should also get one if you’re considering buying a boat from someone who isn’t a known dealer. For example, if you’re buying a boat from someone who’s just selling you their boat, and not doing so on behalf of a licensed boat dealer. Not only should you get these documents, you should also get copies of them as well. A digital copy can also be a good idea. The more information you have when you buy a boat, the better.

More Than USCG Documentation

A boat bill of sale has quite a bit of information in it. However, we make it easy to put all that information into your form quickly and easily. You’ll want to include everyone’s name, license numbers and where they live. All the information you can put down about the boat is included, too. That means the Official Number, the model, the make, and to cover all of your bases, it’s recommended that if there were major additions put on aftermarket, make a note of those, too. It’s good practice to include any issues you know the boat has. Finally, everyone’s signatures should be included, too.

Our National Vessel Documentation Center

You can try to find these documents online, print them, fill them out and then send them in, but that process can take a bit of time. Plus, if there are any mistakes on the form, you’ll have to go through the entire process again. We want to make the process as simple as possible, so that you can either sell your boat quickly or get the boat you’ve been dreaming about faster. To that end, you get your boat bill of sale and so many other important documents through us here at Vessel Documentation Online. We’ve streamlined the entire process. Find out more by calling us at (866) 981-8783 or going to our site.