boat bill of sale

How do you Fill Out a Boat Bill of Sale?

You have been negotiating with the current owner of a boat you have an interest in for a while now. You have gone back and forth, making offers, checking information, and the two of you have finally come to an agreement so you can make the sale official. You have your financing in place to help you pay for the boat, and you cannot wait to take possession so that you can start using the vessel for your vacation, fishing trips, or just for relaxing. There is one document you want to make sure of once you close the deal so that you have the paperwork you need. There needs to be a boat bill of sale so that you can record the transaction, and knowing what should go into the boat document will make things easier for you.

A Record of the Boat Sale

The bill of sale will be the primary document of the transaction, and you should not finalize any deal or turn over any money without having an agreement that both parties sign. While the Coast Guard, the government entity in charge of vessel registration in the United States, takes care of filing, they do not have a specific form or document format for you to use for a bill of sale. This can cause some confusion for some parties because they are not certain what to include in the document for recording.

boat bill of sale

Creating a Boat Bill of Sale

Luckily, there are plenty of templates out there on the Internet so that you can get a boat bill of sale and know what it needs and how to fill it out. Find a website where you can get a template, and you can then craft and customize the document to fit your needs. There are some basics you want to be sure are included, like the names and addresses of both parties involved in the sale, the date of the transaction, the purchase price, the boat registration number, and any specifics that go along with the purchase, such as amenities or extras you are purchasing with the vessel. Once you have drafted the document, both parties can sign it to make it official.

Using Your Bill of Sale

Once you make your boat bill of sale and sign it so that you have a record of the transaction, the boat can officially become yours. You will want to make sure you hold onto that bill of sale because you will need it to register or document your vessel. If documentation is the way you want to go, here at Vessel Documentation Online, we can assist you with the process. You will find the documentation forms you need on our website so you can fill them out electronically. You can then submit the form, along with supporting documents like your bill of sale and your fees, and we can take care of the rest for you. We send it to the Coast Guard for you so you can get your ship documentation and start enjoying your new boat.