Boat Documentation Needed to Establish US Citizenship

Boat Documentation Needed to Establish US Citizenship

Ship documentation started since sea trading has been vital to every country. Originally, it was set to control all ships in European seaborne countries. It was used to ensure that boats were built in the local country and crews were from the local country. This process has evolved. There is some specific boat documentation needed to establish US citizenship for your vessel. Citizenship is essential to obtain the certificate of documentation, in addition to demonstrating ownership of the boat and eligibility for endorsement being sought.

Establishing US Citizenship with the proper boat documentation

One of the ways to prove US citizenship is to show your social security. Apart from individuals, corporations and other entities can apply for a certificate of documentation and must establish US citizenship. In the case of companies, they must be registered in the US or a state. The CEO and chairman of the board of directions must all be US citizens. They must establish US citizenship.

Apart from your social security, you may also show your birth certificate that was issued by the US state, where you were born. On the other hand, if you were not born in the US but one of your parents was a US citizen, you are still recognized as a US citizen through a Certificate of Citizenship. You may also show naturalization certificate if you became a US citizen through a naturalization process. Your US passport is also evident that you are a US citizen.

Boat Documentation Needed to Establish US Citizenship

Copy of Birth Certificate

You may check the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born to obtain a copy of your birth certificate. If you need help in establishing your US citizenship, you may talk to an experienced immigration lawyer. Once you have authenticated your US citizenship, you may submit all basic requirements to us and our boat documenting processors will do the rest for you.

When your ship has been given a certificate of documentation, it stays recorded for its life. If you sell it, the new owner will have to update the information in the certificate and pay a fee. The boat documentation ID number may be changed and it must be attached to the interior of the ship.  An annual documentation update form is also required to be filled out. It is automatically sent to you 45 days before the annual expiration. You do not have to pay fees for it.