USCG documented vessel search

Make Your USCG Documented Vessel Search Easy

Make Your USCG Documented Vessel Search Easy

Even though we live in the Information age today, where there is data and information all around us at the touch of a button, finding the information you require is not always as easy as it might seem. For things like getting the background on a used boat you are considering buying, the trek you need to take to get this information might be more complicated than it should be. You know the ship you want to buy has United States Coast Guard (USCG) documentation, but you cannot seem to find out anything more than that. You should know there is a way to make your USCG documented vessel search easy, you just need to know the steps to take.

USCG Documented Vessel

Finding a Place to Search

The first place to start is finding a website where you can actually perform the search you want to do. Instinct might tell you to start with the Coast Guard and their website. However, you might be surprised to learn that the Coast Guard does not provide a direct link to the registry that they keep of documented vessels. Instead, you will have to find a website that has access to the database you want to use. Performing an Internet search for a documentation search will point you to various sites you can use for your efforts.

Starting Your Search

Once you have located a place to perform a USCG documented vessel search, the rest of the process can be quite simple for you. The only information you need to perform the search is either the documentation number of the vessel in question or the vessel name. Having the documentation number will make your search easier since it will give you the lone result. Using the name can give you several listings, and you may have to look through the results to find the specific boat you are interested in.

Documentation as a New Owner

After you have done your USCG documented vessel search and decided to buy the boat, you may want to get the documentation transferred to you or reinstated if it has lapsed. Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we can assist you with the process. We provide all the forms you need to file with the Coast Guard right here on our website. You can fill out everything online, provide your supporting documents, and we can take it all from there, sending everything on to the Coast Guard so you can get your own documentation.