proper vessel documentation

The Different Forms Involved with Proper Vessel Documentation

Your new boat is your pride and joy. Whether you had the boat manufactured for you specifically, or if you purchased a boat from a broker or previous owner does not matter; you still intend to enjoy your time out on the water relaxing, fishing, or sailing to great vacation destinations. If you have a…


What You Will Find When You Visit WWW.USCG.Com

Once you have bought a large pleasure vessel for yourself, getting it out onto the water becomes your top priority. There are rules and regulations that you need to familiarize yourself with, and depending on your purchase, you may or may not have the requirement of getting federal documentation for your vessel from the United…

Why Ship Documentation is Different than Registration

Why Ship Documentation is Different than Registration

As the owner of a vessel, you need to understand why ship documentation is different than registration. These small differences can make a big impact in your experience. Recreational vessel owners are required to register their boats with the respective state governments in the USA. Each state has different requirements and agencies to manage these…