Documented Vessel Exempt From State Jurisdiction

Is A Documented Vessel Exempt From State Jurisdiction?

Most prospective buyers and owners of a boat are often faced with the question ‘is a Documented Vessel exempt from State jurisdiction?’. Your decision will depend on several factors, such as your boat’s size, citizenship, and usage, among others. You will need to obtain documentation for your vessel if you intend to use it for…

proper vessel documentation

The Proper Vessel Documentation

The boat of your dreams finally belongs to you. You have thought about buying a boat like this for a long time, and the sale is just getting finalized so that you can take ownership of that beautiful new boat. Once the boat becomes yours, you will want to get it out on the water as soon…

proper bill of sale form

The Proper Bill of Sale Form

It is important to have submitted all the details of your boat or yacht correctly. This will help the documentation to be processed faster. There are many people who have found themselves waiting for months because of submitting incorrect documents. You will need to fill out a proper Bill of Sale form in order to get…