USCG Documentation Center

Having Trouble Dealing with the USCG Documentation Center?

You are trying to get your business in order so that you can have your commercial vessel ready to get started and your new business venture can get off the ground. You have done everything you think that you need to do, but you keep having trouble getting your Certificate of Documentation (COD) from the…

Coast Guard Documentation

Say Yes to Coast Guard Documentation

Boat owners like their boats. They like being on their boats, taking their boats out on the water, and just getting the most enjoyment possible out of their boats.  One thing most owners don’t like, however, is paperwork. Getting Coast Guard documentation can seem like an unnecessary burden, but it can actually come in quite…

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

The Importance of US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

When you acquire a new ship, you can choose to register it with the US Coast Guard. For larger vessels, particularly those which you will be using in a commercial capacity, you may prefer to take out US coast guard vessel documentation. There are several factors involved in achieving documentation for your new boat, and…