Coast guard registration and documentation form

Understanding Coast Guard Registration And Documentation Form

Understanding Coast Guard Registration versus Documentation Do you want to make sure that your vessel is fully protected in the water? You may be uncertain whether registration or documentation is the best way to go forward, and depending upon the type of ship that you have, you may not know which the right option to…

Renew My Vessel Documentation Early

May I Renew My Vessel Documentation Early?

May I renew my Vessel Documentation early? The US Coast Guard Documentation Center will send you a renewal notice 45 days before your certificate expires. It means that you can submit your application for renewal before the expiration date. It is now easy to submit your renewal application. At, you may go to the…

Documented Vessel Exempt From State Jurisdiction

Is A Documented Vessel Exempt From State Jurisdiction?

Most prospective buyers and owners of a boat are often faced with the question ‘is a Documented Vessel exempt from State jurisdiction?’. Your decision will depend on several factors, such as your boat’s size, citizenship, and usage, among others. You will need to obtain documentation for your vessel if you intend to use it for…