the Abstract of Title

What Boat Buyers Need to Know About the Abstract of Title

Abstract of Title There are many things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a vessel. And one of the most important issues boat buyers need to know is the abstract of title. This document carries many complexities around. And getting a detailed information about those specifications can save you lots of time…

ship documentation is different than registration

Ship Documentation Is Different Than Registration

Why Ship Documentation is Different than Registration As the owner of a vessel, you need to understand why ship documentation is different than registration. These small differences can make a big impact in your experience. Recreational vessel owners are required to register their boats with the respective state governments in the USA. Each state has…

US Coast Guard Documentation Search

US Coast Guard Documentation Search – What Can You Find?

A boat that’s federally registered is a documented ship. That said, its chain of ownership, build, and liens are recorded with the National Vessel Documentation Center. Thus, when you conduct a US Coast Guard Documentation Search, you’ll find pertinent details about a certain ship that’s been federally documented. Performing a Coast Guard documentation search will…