Vessel Documentation Needed for Change of Address

Vessel Documentation Needed for Change of Address

If you recently change your address, you can notify Vessel Documentation Online in several ways. You may call  (866) 981-8783. Or you may choose to email us your new address to Contact Renewals. Another way is to fax it to (877) 564-1398. It is also possible to notify us when you renew your Certificate of Documentation by annotating it on the renewal notice before you return it. The most important vessel documentation needed for change of address is your vessel’s official number. Notifying Vessel Documentation Online about your change of address is vital so that your certificate of documentation will be sent to the new address when you renew it. You will also receive any letters from us promptly.

How About By Mail?

It is also possible to send your change of address to Vessel Documentation Online by mail. But the online portal is more advantageous than the traditional mail because it is not subject to any delays associated with mail. Furthermore, all applications and submissions from are reviewed by documentation processors to ensure faster processing.

Vessel Documentation Needed for Change of Address

When notifying us of your new address, you do not have to return your certificate of documentation. All you need is to fill out and enter the correct vessel name and official number to properly change this information in the database of Vessel Documentation Online. After notifying us, you will receive your renewed certificate of documentation to your new address, and it will also show you the new address.

How Long Will The Process Take?

It is easy to notify your new address as long as you use our online portal. The overall process will take a few days to a week. To avoid delays, make sure that you enter the right vessel name and its official number. You may notify Vessel Documentation Online of any change in your address anytime. Some boat owners would wait when they have to renew their certificate of documentation to process it at once. However, if the time for your renewal is still several months away, you should consider doing it as soon as possible.

If you need any help in your renewal or how to notify us of your change of address, you may call our vessel documentation processor at (866) 981-8783.